Trip to Santorini, part 2/ Путешествие на Санторини, часть 2


Here is the second part of the story about my trip to Santorini. And it starts in the first evening on the island when i decided to take a walk from Fira (where was my hotel located) to Oia, very famous for its picturesque sunsets.

А вот и обещанное продолжение рассказа о путешествии на Санторини. И начинается все с того, как я решила в первый же вечер прогуляться от Фиры, где был расположен мой отель, до Ойи, где каждый вечер можно любоваться самыми красивыми в Европе закатами.

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Trip to Istanbul

I’d like to show you a bunch of Instagram photos taken during the last trip to Istanbul. City is so beautiful in the spring, full of flowers and bright colors 🙂


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Voyage-voyage — bye-bye, Moscow, hello, Istanbul!



I love travelling so much! For me it’s even more valuable then shopping 🙂 I like the process of moving from one direction to another, from A to B, that’s kind of meditation for me. When i’m stuck in Moscow for some months, it’s a great suffering, my soul is eager for  new places.

This time we’re heading to beautiful Istanbul. City with a great history, where destinies of byzantian, ottoman and european people became one. Magnificent buildings and splendid temples, hamamms and Grand Bazaar, wild mix between a european capital and mysterious Asia. So for a week i’ll take a short break from blogging, but gonna replenish my Instagram ( ) — follow me for breathtaking views from Galata Tower and mouthwatering sights of kebabs and dondurma! See you soon!